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Mary supports #SpecialK campaign! Mary does nothing but #OwnIt

It’s time to change the way we think about ourselves with Special K

NZ Transgender Personality Mary Haddock-Staniland is preparing to front a campaign to encourage body positivity and resilience by advocating the diversity and beauty of all our bodies.

New research by Kellogg’s Special K has revealed that as much as 7 out of 10 women in NZ experience an ‘I hate my body’ moment every single week. This constant reinforcement of doubt and negativity might be holding Kiwi women back from achieving what they want in life.

Instead, Kellogg’s Special K is calling for New Zealand women to ditch self-doubt and acknowledge and appreciate our diverse and unique tendencies, talents, desires, fears and neuroses in a new social media and TV campaign.

Mary will be joining five other influential women in the campaign who are set to flip Social Media upside down with social media hashtag #OWNIT.

“Mary definitely embodies the spirit of #OWNIT,” Says Kellogg’s NZ. “As a strong and beautiful woman who oozes self-confidence, we think she’d be a very inspirational advocate for this cause.”

The well known brand has partnered with Women’s Health Action, a charitable trust with an aim of improving body image amongst young people by being a unified voice on the subject. They’ll work together to encourage kiwi women to find inner strength and feel positive about their bodies.

“I’m proud to be involved in this campaign,” says Mary. “I have overcome a great deal to love my body, so being a part of this is a natural fit for me.”

The campaign launches Monday 18 April at 5.59pmNZT.


Mary Haddock-Staniland

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Transgender Personality goes blonde and gets boobs!

Transgender Personality Mary Haddock-Staniland is taking time out to recover after undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Performed by top New Zealand surgeon Dr Julian Lofts, it’s understood the procedure was a success and Mary is recovering well in private care.

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Mary Haddock-Staniland is Legal

It isn’t breaking news, but it certainly is news that former ZM Ladies of NZ Radio Reality Star and Transgender Advocate & Personality, Mary Haddock-Staniland is excited about sharing.

Mary, 33 has taken the plunge and legally changed her name from Robert to Mary. A lengthy process that consisted of regular visits to the internal affairs headquarters in Auckland.

"One of the many reasons why I’ve decided to do this is to complete me, and move more into a womanly world. Changing not only my name but also my gender status makes me feel very accomplished. My advocacy voice is becoming more and more accepted in the corporate sector, and this seems like the next logical step. It’s the right time for me to complete the puzzle and move on happier than ever” says an excited Mary.

A number of exciting projects are in the pipeline for Mary in the coming months, so this is the perfect time to sort the "administration" formalities.

Earlier this year Mary and twin brother William Haddock opened up in an exclusive interview for the first time about their relationship. The story has since been picked up by International media, including the UK's Daily Mail. Mary has received lots of support from her close friends and relatives. Including her husband of two years, Willie Staniland & twin brother, William.

“I'm happy to now board an aeroplane, flinging my boarding pass around, instead of hiding it so no one can see my birth name." says Haddock-Staniland.

Mary is hosting a private dinner party for those close to her in a few weeks to celebrate the legalities being finalised. Some of those invited to this intimate occasion are close friends, Megan & Pita Alatini, Fashion Designer Annah Stretton and best friend Mitchell Harvey, who was involved in the discrimination incident, which made headlines at Farmers earlier this year. 

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Popular radio reality webseries star and transgender personality Mary Haddock-Staniland is throwing up her hand to show support for online campaign #MyBodyMyTerms. The powerful movement, created by New Zealand star Lizzie Marvelly, hopes to spark an open conversation about victim- blaming, revenge porn, sexuality and rape culture in this country.

“#MyBodyMyTerms will encourage people to think about and engage with these issues, talk to each other and challenge perceptions that they may hold,” says Lizzie. “Having familiar faces like Mary behind the campaign is a great way to get the public talking about harmful stereotypes contributing to some horrifying statistics,” she says.

Mary Haddock-Staniland has been at the centre of many attacks both on social media and confrontational face-to-face incidents. “I jumped at the chance to be involved with #MyBodyMyTerms because I want to help raise awareness and stand up to people in our community who judge,” she says.

“I don’t let others give me or anyone else flak over what we choose to do consensually with our bodies,” she says. “It’s my body. My terms. It’s your body. It’s your terms.”

You can find out more, visit

* Press release by Mary Haddock-Staniland

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Four women, one week … ZM's Ladies of NZ is coming!

Mary Haddock-Staniland is taking her special brand of fabulous into a swanky Auckland Crown Plaza Hotel, alongside three other ladies for a week long reality series.

Are things going to get dramatic?

“I think people will be surprised at how normal my life is,” says Mary. “I enjoy socialising and meeting people, having the odd tipple or two: I stand up for myself but I don’t initiate drama often and am really looking forward to sharing a bit of my life with the other women and New Zealand as a whole.”

The entry criteria for the social experiment was to be ‘real’.

“No worries on that front, I am about as real as you get,” says Mary, who grew up in smalltown New Zealand before making the move to the big smoke. “I am a happily married professional woman who faces many of the challenges that everyday Kiwis do, with a few extras for good measure.”

She hopes to gain some personal insights from the week but is mostly excited to show Kiwis what it is truly like being Mary.

Keep up with all the drama either by following #ZMLadiesofNZ on social, tuning into ZM in the mornings from 6am, or visit 

* Press release by Mary Haddock-Staniland

Featuring in the UK edition of the Daily Mail, Mary speaks out about life growing up as a twin, the struggles, the distance between her Dad & the special bond she now has with her twin brother, William.

Retailers called make stores more welcome thanks to Auckland Transgender Personality 

Farmers will introduce gender-neutral changing rooms into its stores in response to an investigation into insensitive treatment of an Auckland Transgender Personality. 

Details of Auckland Transgender Personality discrimination in NZ revealed